Top Romantic Things to do in Greece

Top Romantic Things to do in Greece

Written by: Nikos on: January 25, 2022

Choosing Greece as the destination for your romantic getaway will be one of the wisest choices of your life. Our exotic country is famous for hosting some of the most idyllic places and activities perfect for couples. This is true especially for those looking for vacations that will offer them precious moments of quality time. In addition, a trip to Greece is an opportunity to rekindle the romance that can be lost in their hectic day-to-day schedule.

Below are our top suggestions for romantic things to do in Greece. Those will give you a general idea of what you should include in the itinerary of your once-in-a-lifetime getaway. 

Marvel at a Sunset in Santorini’s Caldera

Couple in Santorini – credits: NadyaEugene/

It is no coincidence that the sunsets of the caldera have gained recognition all around the world. Watching the sun hide behind the volcanic rock formations of Santorini is a must-have experience. What’s more, it is one of the most romantic sights you’ll ever get to share with your better half.

With the lunar landscape and the deep blue waters, almost purple in some areas due to the volcanic ash, and the most beautiful sunset, especially from Oia, Santorini is one of the most sought-after destinations for couples from all over the world.

Marvel at the traditional settlements that stretch on the edge of the caldera, while the sea breeze accompanies you to Athinios, the small but busy port of the island, which welcomes its visitors.

From Fira, the capital of Santorini, you have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent view of the caldera, Nea and Palea Kameni, and Thirasia. Only then do you realize that nature created and man built where the view is breathtaking.

Enjoy a Panoramic view of Athens from Lycabettus Hill

Lycabettus Hill – credits: Milan Gonda/

The prominent historic ambiance of the Greek capital makes for the perfect romantic setting for your vacations. Additionally, it gives you endless options concerning romantic activities to share with your partner. One of the best ones is the hike up to the legendary hill of Lycabettus. From there, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Athens and take in your magical surroundings.

According to Greek Mythology, Lycabettus Hill fell from the hands of the Goddess Athena. Nowadays, people visit it to enjoy the fantastic view it offers. It stands in the center of Athens, and it is the highest point in the city.

At its top, you can find the church of Saint Georgios and the theater of Lycabettus. To get there, you can either hike or take the cable car that starts from Aristippou Street.

Regardless of how you choose to access Lycabettus Hill, it will be worth the time and effort. Try visiting it during sunset or at night so you can watch the twinkling lights of the city in the arms of your companion.

Try Snorkelling or Other fun Watersports

Snorkeling in Greece – credits: Free-Photos/

Especially if you’re coming from a country where swimming in the deep blue sea is not as common of a task, snorkeling or enjoying any other type of watersport alongside your partner in one of the mesmerizing Greek beaches will be a unique, fun experience. It is one you’ll treasure for the rest of your lives. After all, nothing is more romantic than sharing firsts and laughs with the love of your lives. 

Indulge in a Wine-tasting Experience

Wine-tasting experience

Sophisticated, delicious, and romantic, wine-tasting is one of the most exciting activities you can engage in with your partner, one that promises to leave you in high spirits for the rest of the day or night. It is common knowledge that wine and romance go hand in hand. Even more so, if you’re in Greece, which is a country that has gained worldwide recognition for its admirable wine production since antiquity.

Therefore, whether you choose to engage in a wine-tasting experience in Athens, Nemea, Santorini the regions of Greece known for their wine production- or any other part of Greece, you will have the opportunity to luxuriate in a mouthwatering and romantic experience. Try a wide range of different varieties of indigenous wine paired with local small bites and gain valuable insight into the country’s local life and culinary culture in the arms of your other half. 

Bicycle ride in the most romantic Greek town; Nafplio

Cycling couple – credits: gorillaimages/

Often described as ‘the most romantic city in Greece,’ Nafplio cannot go unnoticed when you’re visiting Greece as a couple. Each of its sights is worth your time, while the picturesque cobblestone streets beg to be explored by its visitors.

However, an incredibly romantic and entertaining way to get to see as much of the town as possible is to enjoy a magical sunset, and the company of your partner is through a bicycle ride through the city and around its scenic coastal road.

This way, you’ll get to discover its beauties up close at your pace, take in the calming ambiance and striking landscape, and allow yourself to come closer to nature and your companion.

Take a Boat trip around Melissani Lake Cave

melisani-cave-kefalonia-no longer availableshutterstock
Melissani Cave, Kefalonia – credits:

Melissani Lake Cave is located 2 km away from Sami. It is one of the most beautiful natural attractions of the island of Kefalonia, a place with outstanding natural beauty but also a history that goes back to antiquity.

According to mythology, Lake Melissani was where the god Pan and the nymphs were worshiped. One of them fell in love with the crawling god. However, he did not respond to her love. For this reason, the nymph committed suicide in the lake’s waters. The nymph was called Melissanthi, hence the name of the lake ‘Melissani.’ The cave is also called ‘Cave of the Nymphs.’

The lake is located 20 meters below the ground and is 160 meters long. The depth of the water ranges from 10 meters and reaches up to about 40 meters. The largest part of the cave consists of stalactites whose age reaches 20,000 years.

The boatmen guide the visitors to all parts of the lake while the spectacle peaks at noon, where the sun pierces the cave and gives the lake water unique blue-green colors. The purity of the water is so great that, at those hours, you will be able to see to the bottom of the lake

Natural spa on the Canal D’ Amour beach

South Corfu – credits: Dimitrios Vlassis/

A couple’s spa excursion sounds heavenly for a romantic trip. Although you can easily find first-class wellness and spa facilities in Greece, we’d highly suggest you go down the natural route and delight in nature’s spas that offer to be the host of treasured moments of repose.

The beaches of Xerokampos in Crete, Xi in Kefalonia, Canal D’ Amour in Corfu, and Kalogeros in Paros, are perfect examples of how mother nature cares for its inhabitants.

Treat yourselves to a clay bath, snap funny pictures and make memories that will last a lifetime while giving your better half -and your skin- a little love.

Experience the Unique Feeling of Night Swimming

Night swimming – credits: night-swimming-credits: mohamed_hassan/

It does sound cliche, but there is nothing more romantic than swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Greek sea alongside your partner at night.

As the summers in Greece are known for being rather hot, a dive in the middle of the night will be refreshing. Additionally, it will provide you with a tranquil setting of privacy to enjoy with your consort.

Choose a secluded beach to get the most out of your night swimming experience. You can do so in any of the magnificent Greek islands and savor intimate moments you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives. 

Outdoor movie night at Niarchos Cultural Center

Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center- credits: KOSTAS-TSEK/

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center is in itself a must-visit attraction if you’re spending time in Athens due to its beautiful gardens and the first-class cultural events it hosts on its premises daily.

There is something more romantic than a walk around the luscious greenery that dominates the landscape. This is a screening of a movie in its outdoor movie theater.

There, you will have the opportunity to watch either a classic or a brand new blockbuster movie. All while holding hands with your other half under the clear night sky. All you have to do is seek the film that suits you best. 

Sailing Trip

Couple on a sailing boat – credits: zstock/

Spend your day as a Hollywood star swamped in luxury and style. You can do so by indulging in a sailing trip across the Greek sea. Sail across the most beautiful coastlines around the striking Greek islands loved by couples, sunbathe under the bright sun and rejoice in your privacy alongside your partner in a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will never forget.

Through a sailing trip in Greece, you will get to swim in the sparkling waters of beaches that can only be accessed by boats. You will also get to savor delectable traditional Greek food on board and feel on top of the world while enjoying the services of the friendly, professional staff. For the ultimate sailing experience, time your trip so that you can catch a magical greek sunset from your boat

Picnic in Mykonos

Little Venice, Mykonos – credits: Pawel Kazmierczak/

It might be best known for being one of Greece’s most popular and cosmopolitan islands. However, it also happens to be one of the most romantic. Opt for a picnic in one of Mykonos’ striking beaches accompanied by plenty of indigenous wine to discover this yourself.

Let the sound of the waves crashing on shore lull you to a nirvana-like state. Additionally, taste delicious authentic Greek flavors while taking in your whimsical surroundings and enjoying the company of your loved one.

You can accompany your picnic with a local bottle of wine. Better yet, you can time it to watch the sunset. The sunset view will elevate your experience and make it a highlight of your trip to Greece.

Explore the rich culinary culture of Greece

Greek food – credits: Veniamakis Stefanos/

Love goes through the stomach, and Greece is a prime example. Follow a food tour around Greece’s most beautiful regions and taste the world-renowned dishes and products of Greek cuisine. Explore the tucked-away eateries that go unnoticed by the unsuspected visitors. This way, you will get the inside scoop on the best delicacies and where to get them.

Alternatively, Suppose you’re a true foodie at heart, and you think that a simple food tour won’t suffice. In that case, you can also join a traditional Greek cooking class that will sharpen your cooking skills and teaches you the tips and tricks the locals use when preparing their homemade dishes. At the end of your cooking class, you will have the opportunity to try your creations alongside wine and listen to the locals share with you local legends, as well as stories of their daily lives

Stay at a cave hotel

Cave hotel in Santorini

Marveling at the volcanic landscape from your hotel room in Santorini is one of the most unique and romantic things a couple can do during a trip to Greece. You can enhance this experience only by choosing to stay at a cave hotel that will allow you to come as close to the striking Santorinian nature as humanly possible and come in contact with the raw, imposing beauty of the island.

The many cave hotels the island boasts will offer you a luxurious and comfortable stay, making for the perfect setting to rekindle the spark of your love. Enjoy the services and amenities of the top-rated establishments and create priceless memories that will resemble a fairy-tale.

Catch a sunset at the Temple of Poseidon

Cape Sounio – credits: Aerial motion/

Only an hour’s drive from downtown Athens, Sounio, and the famous Temple of Poseidon is a sight to behold and one of the most significant archaeological sites you can admire with your partner in the Greek capital city. There, you will have the chance to catch the most magical sunset Athens has to offer before enjoying a swim in the shimmering waters or a delicious meal at one of the seaside taverns nearby. One of the most romantic things to do in Greece with your partner!

Visit the medieval castle town of Monemvasia

Monemvasia – credits: Nataliia Budianska/

Monemvasia is known among the locals for being one of the most stunning regions in Greece. Its luscious greenery and eerie ambiance capture the heart of its visitor regardless of the time of year they choose to visit it.

Among Monemvasia’s many beauties, the medieval castle town is without a doubt the highlight and one of the most romantic settings you will come across. Walk hand in hand with your partner along the scenic streets and admire the striking architecture that indicates the different cultures that have occupied the city throughout the years.

Our country is not short of destinations and activities that aim to make your romantic honeymoon to Greece a story waiting to be told when it comes to romance. So follow our advice above and let the beauty of our country sweep you off of your feet. 

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