The Best Places for a Wedding Proposal in Greece

The Best Places for a Wedding Proposal in Greece

Written by: melina on: January 23, 2022

A wedding proposal in Greece is probably the most memorable moment in someone’s life. It is without a doubt a memory that will last forever; one of the most important steps you will ever make. 

You know it will be a constant topic of discussion for at least a year. Even your future children will ask you how it happened. 

A marriage proposal is something you know that requires imagination, confidence, and, most importantly, a beautiful place. To be done somewhere that, in combination with the moment’s emotions, the positive answer will come naturally. It may sound easy, but it is not. 

If you are in love and eagerly want to seal your love with an engagement ring, we have prepared a list of the best places for a wedding proposal in Greece. If you like expensive restaurants by candlelight and you want to choose something that will make the day even more memorable, keep reading!

Luxurious Restaurants Under the Acropolis

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A walk under the Acropolis will relax and enchant you. The historic center of the Greek capital has an incredible, romantic ambiance that offers the perfect setting for a wedding proposal.

Either near the sacred rock of the Acropolis or the beautiful and picturesque Plaka, wherever you choose to ask the big question, the setting will make it hard for your better half to have anything other than an enthusiastic reaction.

The restaurants under the Acropolis or with a view to the imposing archaeological site, in addition to the magnificent scenery, have another characteristic. They boast high gastronomy or simply fantastic food.

There are various luxurious eating establishments to choose from to pop the question by candlelight and over luscious creation of Greek cuisine. The Acropolis Museum Restaurant, Kuzina, Sense, Ciel, and Hytra are excellent choices. The latter even has a MICHELIN Star.

The menu changes depending on the season of all of the restaurants above. In addition, they change depending on the fresh ingredients that chefs find in the market. Of course, the recipes are consistently inspired by the Greek tradition, with a creative twist.

There is no better place to ask the big question; after all, they say that love passes through the stomach.

Temple of Poseidon

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Again in Athens, but this time on a different setting away from the urban aesthetic that can be rough around the edges, the Temple of Poseidon stands proud and ready to welcome couples in love who want to make the big step.

An excursion to the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio is one of the most beautiful and romantic getaways that one can do in the prefecture of Attica. The Doric-style temple will impress you and become the ideal background for the big moment!

Against the backdrop of a Santorini sunset

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No matter how hard you try or how many travel guides you look at. No matter how much you google search, you will not find a more romantic place in Greece than the island of Santorini

It is no coincidence that it always figures in the top tourist destinations, and the whole planet adores it. We are sure that you have already considered making a marriage proposal there.

Exchange vows of eternal love on an idyllic sailing adventure in Santorini that will make you feel like royalty and create the perfect opportunity for you to revel in the love you have for one another.

You can also opt for a private dining experience in Santorini, where you will be able to create the perfect atmosphere over gourmet creations of upscale Greek cuisine. An intimate dining experience is an ultimate plan to make it hard for your partner to consider a negative reply.

Gazing at Naxos’ Portara 

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If you’ve been planning your Greek trip for a while, there is a very high chance that you’ve caught a glimpse of the majestic Portara on the island of Naxos.

It is undoubtedly the most-photographed monument and the symbol of the island. There, the visitor can walk through the narrow dock and reach the small island of Palatia. In Palatia is where Portara has been standing for more than 2500 years!

Tyrant Lygdamis initially built it in 530 BC as the entrance to a vast marble temple dedicated to Apollo. Nowadays, Portara is all that has survived from this temple after centuries.

Walk around the small island and enjoy the view of Chora and the open sea. Do not miss the chance to visit it during the evening and catch one of the breathtaking sunsets!

Strolling the alleys of Nafplio

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A romantic city like Nafplio couldn’t be missing from the list. It is no coincidence that it is one of Greece’s most popular and idyllic destinations for wedding proposals. As soon as you step foot in this historic, seaside town, you will be awed. It is the closest thing to a real-life postcard you’ll encounter in Greece.

Cobbled alleys, cozy cafes, sophisticated restaurants, boutique shops, and majestic squares compose a unique picture that is hard to forget!

To pop the question in the most majestic way possible, all you need to do is climb the 999 steps that lead to the imposing Castle of Palamidi. There, stunning panoramic views await, as well as enchanting baroque-style archways along the way.

Admiring the castle of Monemvasia

Castle of Monemvasia – credits:

If you have been greatly influenced by ‘Game Of Thrones’, look no further. Do you like dominions, knights, sword fights, ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ and anything related to the medieval period of European civilization? Then Monemvasia is by far the most perfect destination for you and your future spouse.

The fact that Monemvasia is the house of Greek poet Giannis Ritsos, who has uniquely praised love, makes this place even more attractive. There is no better place to ask your partner to spend the rest of their life with you.

The rock where the castle city is built, the ‘Gibraltar of the East,’ as it is called, is simply beautiful. It is worth visiting the Castle and then going down at night. The path at night is magical. You will walk under a starry sky, seeing in front of you the lights from Monemvasia outside the Castle.

Around the castle town of Monemvasia

All around the castle town of Monemvasia, the precious gem of Peloponnese is stone-built. Ano Poli is entirely uninhabited, with a breathtaking view. At the same time, Kato Poli is more lively with alleys full of beauty and people! It is worth getting lost in the cobbled streets of Ano Poli. You can also reach its highest point, where the Church of Agia Sophia is.

In Monemvasia, you will not only enjoy magnificent sights and history, but you will also enjoy the blue of the sea. The place is made of stone and sea, history and culture, narrow cobbled streets, and a romantic ambiance.

You will find various cafes, bars, and restaurants inside the castle town. Everything is beautiful in terms of landscape. Therefore, wherever you choose to have a drink, a bite, and a promise of eternal love, the view will reward you.

Taking the next step in one’s relationship is a decision that requires much thought. But, almost always, behind a marriage proposal, there is an extraordinary story that you will be narrating to your friends for many years!

There are wedding proposals, made at a simple and unpretentious dinner at home or in a good restaurant with a romantic mood, or the air during sky-diving, on vacation in a Greek island, in a camping tent under the stars, at home with a surprise, after a long day at the office.

Put a little imagination and care! Make the story of the marriage proposal a story that you will be happy to re-tell for years to come!

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