The Best Santorini Beaches for Couples

The Best Santorini Beaches for Couples

Written by: melina on: June 10, 2021

Known as the island of lovers, Santorini is a sought-after destination around the world. It is ideal for couples that are looking to indulge in romantic holidays that will be filled with precious moments. These will then turn into affectionate memories. Fortunately, along with its raw beauty, Santorini has some of the most unique beaches in the Aegean Sea. This happens mainly due to their signature black sand. As a result of the island’s volcanic heritage, its beaches are a stunning spectacle. Arguably the best and most colorful beaches in Santorini stretch along the south coast. Here you will be introduced to the best Santorini beaches for couples. These will make your vacation on the island resemble a romantic fairytale.

Despite being such a small island, the variety of beaches to choose from in Santorini is remarkable. No one can deny that most of them are incredibly whimsical. Evocative landscape, fascinating history, cosmopolitan atmosphere, unique local products and wines, constantly evolving gastronomy, high-quality services. It is no coincidence that Santorini is one of the top travel destinations in the Mediterranean. The volcanic landscape of the Caldera. The peculiar beaches with black sand and sculpted rocks. The important archeological site in Akrotiri. The atmospheric gourmet restaurants. The intense nightlife. The accommodation in luxury units with stunning views, mansions, and captain’s houses. The excursions and discoveries in the interesting hinterland. All of those and much more contribute to Santorini being, without a doubt, a unique island.


Eros beach – credits:

What beach could accommodate couples better than the one that bears in its name love itself? Eros beach translates to ‘Love beach’ in English. It is part of the endless beach of Vlychada, the most impressive beach of Santorini. It is located in the south part of Santorini, 9 km away from Fira. Beautifully carved rocks from the wind give the landscape an otherworldly character. In order to access it, you will have to follow the sign leading to Eros with direction to Vlychada beach. Then, you will have to drive through about 2 km of dirt road. 

The sight before you will reward your efforts. This beach has something that enchants every single one of its visitors. It is the wild beauty of the vertical rocks that stand so sharp as if they have been cut by a knife. The waters are relatively deep, while the shore is not sandy and has pebbles instead. Regardless, you can find soft sand inside the sea if you go deep enough. There, you will also have the opportunity to appreciate the very rich bottom full of fish. 

Eros Beach is mostly popular for its beach bar. It is no accident that many consider being the best beach in Santorini and the world! Built with wood and stone, it exudes elegance and serenity. It also offers its guests delicious drinks and snacks they can enjoy on plush sofas, swings, and hammocks. It is no coincidence that the beach bar hosts many concerts, parties, and weddings every year.

Due to its incredible beach bar, the beach itself is mostly organized with straw umbrellas and comfortable sun loungers. The beach is located near a horse farm, so if you want to, you can choose to stroll the beach on horseback. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the beach volleyball court and have a fun game with your significant other. 


Perissa beach – credits:

Santorini is not the first island that comes to mind when talking about idyllic beaches. Nevertheless, it has some beaches that manage to stand out. Perissa beach is definitely one of them. Located in the southeastern tip of the island, spread over a length of about 7 km, it is not only the most famous but also the largest beach of Santorini along with its continuation, the beaches of Perivolos and Agios Georgios

With the trademark dark, volcanic sand of Santorini, and transparent deep waters, it is a sight to behold. Perissa is a fully organized beach with sunbeds and umbrellas. There, you can find beach bars and taverns right on the sea. Moreover, the settlement of Perissa is a great option for accommodation and entertainment. Especially for visitors who want to steer clear of the hustle and bustle of the busy settlement of Caldera, especially during the high season summer months.

On the beach of Perissa, you will find organized camping facilities. Visiting Perissa beach will allow you to not spend a single dull moment. There, you will have the opportunity to indulge in a variety of water sports. Moreover, the beach offers a number of activities which are available to satisfy all tastes. For the couples that believe themselves to be hopelessly romantic, you will be glad to know that from Perissa beach you can enjoy striking views of the Aegean in an idyllic setting that will be engraved on your memory forever. 


Perivolos beach – credits:

The beach of Perivolos lies on the most beautiful coastal part of Santorini. It connects the mountain at the beginning of the settlement of Perissa with the shallow waters towards the end of Ai Giorgis. As with most of Santorini’s beaches, there, you can witness iridescent waters, fluffy black sand. To cater to the need of its many visitors, Perivolos beach also boasts many delectable restaurants and fun beach bars with excellent music.

If you’ve never been to a black sand beach before, we have to warn you that the color might need some getting used to. However, the clarity of the water will make any doubts in your mind disintegrate. Once you get accustomed to your surroundings, you will realize that it is one of the most romantic experiences you can enjoy with your partner. We promise that you will have the time of your life. It comes as no surprise that Perivolos is considered one of the most beloved beaches of Santorini.

Perivolos beach is easily accessible. You can reach it by car or motorbike, and park in one of the free parking spaces available all around. Do not miss the chance of enjoying a charming walk along the length of the beach on the coastal road. You will be rewarded with an astonishing view of the island’s natural landscape in all of its glory. A large part of the coastal road becomes a pedestrian street every night. The beach often hosts fairytale-like weddings on its premises.


Kamari beach – credits: Zocchi Roberto/

Along with the beach of Perissa, Kamari is one of the top 2 most popular beaches of Santorini. It stretches across 5 km and boasts an inviting atmosphere for both the locals and the visitors of the island. It is a fully organized beach, equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas, and all other necessary comforts. The reason why it is particularly beloved by the tourists has to do with the Middle Mountain of Ancient Thira. It dominates the southern part of the beach. Another element that makes Kamari beach stand out, is the frequent sight of airplanes that fly in close proximity to the swimmers. That is a result of the airport of Santorini lying almost at the end of the settlement.

As you have probably already gathered, visiting Kamari can and should be combined with an educational and entertaining visit to Ancient Thira. There, you will witness the ancient civilization of Santorini come to life. The various ruins testify to the rich culture and heritage of the island. Although it is not as famous as the archeological site of Akrotiri, its location is rather unique. It offers a panoramic view of the endless Aegean, especially from its ancient theater. 

If you like shopping and intent to indulge in it, you should know that Kamari has a great market, probably the greatest you will find on the island. You can find everything from souvenirs, to local brands and high-end fashion. As a result, there is something for every budget and every taste. Buy something that will serve as a little reminder of the lovely time you had with your partner during your Santorini vacations


Monolithos beach – credits: Claudio306/

North of Kamari, in the east part of the island, you will find the beautiful Monolithos beach. This beach is a personal favorite as it one of the quieter beaches of Santorini. It is more scenic than the rest but is not brimming with tourists. Of course, the trademark of Santorini’s beaches, the soft black sand, is not missing from Monolithos. However, the pebbles that frequent most of Santorini’s beaches, do. The beach is organized, and you can spend your time relaxing on comfortable sun lounges under umbrellas. You can also the services of the various shops and taverns that are located nearby. 

Monolithos beach is well known to locals and often preferred by families. However, it is also the ideal destination for alternative couples that want peace and tranquility instead of large crowds and blasting music. Additionally, its shallow waters make it the perfect beach for inexperienced swimmers. The beach itself is part of the sea located in front of the settlement. In fact, it consists of several separate beaches that are collectively named ‘Monolithos’.

In the left part of the beach of Monolithos called “Agria“, the landscape will remind you of the beach of Vlychada. It is the part of the beach that is most affected by the weather and is not organized. 

Red Beach

Red beach – credits: Lucian BOLCA/

If you’ve seen pictures of Santorini, you’ve most likely seen the imposing, one-of-a-kind landscape of Red Beach. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and unique beaches in Santorini. It is even considered by most one of the most impressive and picturesque beaches in the whole of the Aegean. Not to mention that it is one of the best Santorini beaches for couples

Located behind a series of lava monoliths, the enchanting beauty is distinguished by the black pebbles of the beach, the red sand, and the underwater hot springs that make swimming an unparalleled experience. You can go there from Akrotiri on foot. Alternatively, you can reach Red beach by boat. As with most beaches in Santorini, it is organized, complete with umbrellas and sunbeds. It is located near White beach. You can reach the White beach from there on foot. There, you will get to enjoy white sand and pebbles, but no further organization or shade.

Red beach is also in close proximity to the archeological site of Akrotiri, just a few steps from the site. You can leave the car in the open parking lot right next to the bus stop. From there, you will start a 2-minute ascent-descent to catch the sight of the impressive beach that is drenched in the trademark colors of the famous volcano and the Cyclades: black, red, white, and blue. On the beach, you will find a couple of canteens providing the beach’s visitors with drinks and snacks.

Due to its popularity, Red beach is usually crowded. Don’t let that deter you from visiting it. It will be the perfect background for your couple’s holiday photos. It will also offer a romantic twist to your swimming endeavors. No matter how many times you visit it from one year to another, the landscape of Red beach never stays the same.


Mouzakia beach – credits:

The beach of Mouzakia is located between Oia and Imerovigli. What makes this beach special beyond its transparent waters, is that access to it is only possible by boat. This is also the reason why it often less crowded than the rest, more accessible, beaches of Santorini, which adds to its allure.

If you want to enjoy quiet, romantic moments and you value your privacy more than anything other, Mouzakia beach should be your front-runner on the list of beaches you will visit during your stay on Santorini.


Vlychada beach – credits:

The incredible Vlychada beach provides its visitors with a lunar landscape of unique beauty and singularity in the southern part of the island. It is a setting that is apparent that has been formed through thousands of years by the winds and the water that crashes on its shore. Fully covered by volcanic ash and enclosed by imposing white rocks in a way that looks purposeful, Vlychada is famous for the clearness of its waters. It lies south of Perivolos.

The geological formations of the rocks in combination with the fine black sand and the dark pebbles, make it even more special even in the eyes of the most traveled visitors. The sandy beach is wide and long, satisfying the tastes of even the most demanding visitors due to its diversity. Specifically, it is divided into three parts. One that is organized and offers sunbeds and umbrellas. One that is unorganized and maintains the pure, raw beauty of the beach without the modern-day comforts. And one that is reserved for lovers of nudism. The welcoming inclusiveness, the magnificent waters, and the incredible view the beach offers have made it one of the top hotspots in Santorini.

The canteen at the entrance of the old Nomikos tomato factory, which has been turned into an exceptional cultural center, is fully equipped with the necessities for a long stay on the beach, but if you plan on relaxing on the unorganized part of the beach, we highly suggest you well-prepared with water, snacks and tons of sunscreen. 

In the area of ​​Vlychada, in the small port before the beach, you will find some fish taverns that overlook the sea and offer the perfect opportunity for lunch and dinner. Vlychada beach is an isolated paradise for couples who prefer to experience the more remote parts of Santorini.

White Beach

White beach – credits:

As its name suggests, White Beach is the beach of Santorini that stands out the most from the bunch, as it is not characterized by the island’s famous black sand that is a result of its volcanic land. 

In essence, this beach is a continuation of the famous Red Beach. As one would expect, the beach is full of white rocks that are in stark contrast to its black sand. It has a small number of sunbeds and umbrellas, so if you want to visit it during your stay in Santorini, you should probably reach it as early in the morning as possible. There, you will not find a beach bar, a tavern, or even a small canteen. Therefore, you need to pack the essentials with you and prepare yourselves for a day of relaxation and repose. 

Black Beach

Black beach – credits: elen_studio/

If White beach doesn’t sound like your ideal destination and you are not a big fan of rocks, then you are better off visiting one of the most typical Santorinian beaches you have ever seen, the Black beach. It located in the same bay as Red beach, however, it is nothing like it.

With its name being self-explanatory, be prepared to stumble upon a setting dominated by the color black. The sand, the mountain, and the whole landscape are pitch black. Thankfully, the black theme doesn’t continue inside its waters, there, it is much like the rest of the beaches on the Greek islands: refreshing, crystal-clear, and a joy to swim in!

Palia Kameni

Palea Kameni – credits: isabela66/

Palia Kameni is a beach with wild beauty in the bay of Agios Nikolaos, which can be reached only by boat. Being a little more difficult to access than most of Santorini’s beaches, results in Palia Kameni being a place that abundantly offers calmness and peace of mind. For that reason, it is perfect for couples that want to celebrate their love in a magical yet intimate landscape. 

The beach of Palia Kameni is another one that owes its beauty to the volcanic eruption that took place in Santorini thousands of years ago. The sand of the beach has the classic black color while its waters are crystal-clear and very warm. The beach is relatively small and moderately crowded, so keep that in mind when you decide to visit it and avoid the hours of the day that are the busiest.


Ammoudi – credits: Gerorgios Tsichlis/

Although it is technically a port and not a beach, Ammoudi is nevertheless an incredibly beautiful swimming spot couples can enjoy and rekindle the flame of their love. To fully understand its appeal, you need to take into consideration that most inhabitants of the island prefer Ammoudi for their swimming adventures. Its waters are incredible, while the taverns you can find by the sea offering fresh fish and seafood make it even more irresistible.  

There are three ways to get to the port of Ammoudi. You can go on foot and descend the 200 steps that lead to it. You can hop on a mule and let it take you there, especially if you want to have a more traditional and adventurous experience. Last but not least, you can choose to access Ammoudi by car. The latter will require you to walk 200 m across one of the most picturesque regions of Santorini that attracts large crowds of people looking for a refreshing dive into the sea. 

If you choose to visit Ammoudi, we suggest you stay long enough to catch the sunset. Many people gather around the steps and the path that leads from the parking lot to the port during that time, waiting to catch a glimpse of one of the most mesmerizing sunsets you can experience in Greece. 


Armeni beach – credits:

The small coastal picturesque settlement of Armeni is in the northwestern part of the island, just below Oia. You can access the region either by boat, on foot from Ammoudi, or by donkey from Oia, where you will have to descend no less than 286 steps. Don’t hesitate; it is worth the effort.

Its beach is small, with large, red, and black large that stand tall, rising from the particularly deep waters. Its setting is especially ideal for swimmers looking for isolation for their swim. In the area, you will find a diving center, as well as small traditional taverns with local delicacies.


Koloumbos beach – credits:

On the topic of isolation, no beach in Santorini offers it better than Koloumbos beach. Located in very close proximity to the beach of Baxedes, Koloumbos is a secluded sandy beach, which also happens to be one of the most beautiful in Oia. 

As soon as you arrive at Koloumbos, you will have to park your vehicle and walk down the high rock that leads you to the beach by a narrow path. The beauty that will stand before you at the end of the word will make this small inconvenience pale in comparison.

The rock provides you with natural shade from the sun while the waters there are warm and welcoming since the area is the most active underwater crater on the island. Please keep in mind that Koloumbos beach is not organized and has no canteens or tavern is its premises. As a result, you should pack your essentials with you and, most importantly, water to keep you hydrated and ready to spend many hours swimming and sunbathing.


Vourvoulos beach – credits:

Vourvoulos is a quiet cove in the northeastern part of Santorini, with black pebbles and impressive rocks that surround it. This cove is heaven on earth for couples that are looking to spend valuable romantic time together.

It is not one of the most organized beaches on the island, but it has a few umbrellas and sunbeds, as well as a tavern. Vourvoulos beach is especially beloved by Santorini’s locals, which only testifies to the true excellence of the region. 


Akrotiri beach – credits:

The beach at Akrotiri is another secluded location on the island. One that is ideal for couples that want to isolate themselves from the large tourist crowds. It is located in the southwest of the island, after the settlement of Akrotiri, between the lighthouse and the Black Mountain

Akrotiri beach might not the most popular destination of Santorini since everyone goes to the nearby Red beach. But it is very picturesque and has the extra bonus of having some amazing taverns in the area so you can enjoy your food overlooking the sea.


Katharos beach – credits:

Kantharos or Kantharos beach is the northernmost beach of Santorini and one of the most impressive you will come across. You can reach it if you follow the road from Oia to Ammoudi on your right-hand side. There, you can park your car in the large parking lot and enjoy a day of swimming and fun with your better half.

Katharos beach used to be one of the liveliest beaches in Santorini. A beach that gathered a lot of young people who were responsible for the cheerful, energetic vibe that enticed all of its visitors. To this day, it remains one of the most vibrant parts of the island. 

The wild landscape that fascinates its visitors, the typical black sand that lets you know exactly where you are, and the absence of sunbeds, make Katharos beach perfect for those who love the unpretentious side of Santorini, and couples that want to enjoy their vacation in an alternative, wholesome way. 

Before you reach the beach, you will come across an excellent bar-restaurant. It is housed in a building that is at least 200 years old. The building has been renovated, and tastefully decorated. During recent years, it has hosted one of the trendiest establishments on the island. 

Santorini has won with incredible ease much praise and many flattering titles throughout the years. Known worldwide as the “island of lovers“, it welcomes hundreds of couples who rush to get married every year. 

Internationally renowned names, families, groups of friends, and most importantly couples, pay tribute with their presence to the beauty of the island. Santorini, despite its immense popularity and international recognition, has managed to maintain its traditional elements unspoiled.

Book your tickets to Santorini, offering some of the best Greek island beaches for couples, and swim in the magnificent waters of one of its beaches above in order to understand the hype behind the island no one can resist and enjoy your luxury vacations in Greece!

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