Why Plan your First Couple Vacations in Greece

Why Plan your First Couple Vacations in Greece

Written by: melina on: January 30, 2022

A trip to Greece is a dream come true for millions of travelers from all over the world. The ideal destination for the world jet-set. A tourist paradise. Greece provides its visitors with everything they could ask for: Mediterranean climate and cuisine, fantastic beaches, unique sunsets, a rich cultural identity, impressive historical monuments, and unique traditions. Do you need more reasons to choose Greece for your first couple’s vacation?

In recent years, the innate hospitality of the inhabitants has been reborn. All while the tourist infrastructure and services have reached the topmost quality. As a result, Greece is the ideal destination for a couple, especially for their first vacations together. So whether you opt for the Greek islands or the mainland, choose our country to host your love, and it won’t disappoint you. Below you’ll find out all the reasons why.

Greece has one of the most impressive coastlines 

myrtos-beach-kefalonia-Roman Safonov-shutterstock
Myrtos beach – credits: Roman Safonov/Shutterstock.com

First of all, there are clear blue waters in Greece and some of the most impressive beaches on the whole planet. The Greek island beaches have been awarded many times. They are excellent spots for relaxation, rejuvenation, and wellness. Sandy and pebbled, with or without rocks, Greek beaches are incredible.

In addition, Greece has a temperate, Mediterranean climate. This means that you can visit it without fear all year round. The sunshine and mild temperatures are conducive to exploring nature, while the heat and sun are ideal for diving and water sports.

No matter where in Greece you choose to visit -except, of course, from its exclusively mountainous regions- you will come upon a mesmerizing beach. Crystal-clear waters, golden sandy shores, and landscapes that will take your breath away are all part of the picture. 

Greece has an impressive history and heritage

athens-thessaloniki-minimoon-trip grreece-first-couple-vacation-greece
The Acropolis Museum

Another advantage of Greece is that it combines natural beauty with exceptional historical value. Many monuments testify to ancient Greek culture and museums with impressive collections of finds. Combining the thirst for ancient history with visiting beautiful landscapes, travelers live an absolute dream

Although the Acropolis is the most famous archaeological site in Greece, there are many more you can find. The Archaeological Museum of Delphi, located in the famous archaeological site, and the National Archaeological Museum in Athens are some of the best options.

Additionally, the Heraklion Archaeological Museum in Crete and the Palace of the Grand Master in Rhodes are more than worth your time.

Furthermore, Greece boasts marvelous art galleries that give insight into the authentic Greek culture. Out top picks include the National Art Gallery in Athens, the Rarity Gallery in Mykonos, and the Artis Causa in Thessaloniki. Petalouda Art Gallery in Naxos, Rebecca Camhi Gallery in Athens, and Kalfayan Galleries in Thessaloniki are also incredible alternatives you should visit if you find the time.

Greece has an excellent cuisine

Traditional Greek’ meze’ – credits: Veniamakis Stefanos/Shutterstock.com

Gastronomy is a vital part of the identity and the daily life of every nation. Greece has gained worldwide recognition for having one of the most delicious cuisines in the world. And since love goes through the stomach, the cuisine of the destination you choose to visit for your first vacation as a couple is an imperative decisive element.

Greek cuisine is famous for its taste, variety, and nutritional value. The basis of Greek cuisine is olive oil, bread, cereals, dairy, vegetables, legumes, honey, and fish and meats such as goat, lamb, and pork. In Greek food, you will taste many spices and herbs, but they are used in moderation not to cover the taste of vegetables or meat. Such spices and herbs are oregano, mint, garlic, dill, parsley, bay leaf, basil, thyme, cinnamon, clove, rosemary, nutmeg, and saffron. You will also find a variety of wines due to Greece’s extensive production of grapes.

The culture behind Greek food

Because food in Greece has a very prominent social character and is directly related to company and discussion, it is considered an essential part of the daily life of Greeks. Therefore, you cannot leave Greece before trying some typical traditional Greek dishes such as souvlaki, mousakas, fried, griller or stuffed squid, octopus, gemista -stuffed vegetables-, dolmades -stuffed wine leaves-, the famous Greek salad, dakos, fava beans, and a variety of local pies. For dessert, try baklava, kadaifi, walnut pie, galaktoboureko, loukoumades, or some spoon sweet. 

Last but not least, the local spirits include a variety of indigenous wine labels, ouzo, tsipouro, and raki. All of which will make your evenings in the country that much better. The taste of Greek cuisine’s creations alone can upgrade your romantic trip to a memorable experience.

Greece has some of the most romantic regions in the world

Santorini – credits: turtix/Shutterstock.com

Romantic sunsets, walks hand in hand on the beach, scenic paths in alleys and castles. Everything that you thought to be too corny when you were single, now that you’re in love, seems as natural to you as the air you breathe. When you are in love, everything around you looks heavenly. But these destinations have something of a paradise. Below you can see some of the top destinations that you can include in your first couple’s vacation in Greece:


Klima Beach, Milos – credits: Lisandro Luis Trarbach/Shutterstock.com

Milos is established in the conscience of everyone as the ultimate place to be if you are a couple, especially if you are on the first trip with your partner. Rent a motorbike and visit the enchanting beach in Sarakiniko, where the lunar landscape is incredible for catching the sunset. You can also take the boat to Kleftiko and marvel at its unique beauty.

If you want to mingle with the locals, head to Plaka, the island’s old town, Pollonia, its cosmopolitan coast, and Adamas, its vibrant port.

For unique moments of romance, don’t forget to visit the Venetian Castle of Plaka. Be sure to enjoy the sunset from the top of the island’s capital and pay tribute to the goddess of love in front of the statue of Aphrodite of Milos. Unfortunately, the figure is a copy since the original is in the Louvre Museum.


Couple in Oia, Santorini – credits: fokke baarssen/Shutterstock.com.

The famous island of Santorini caters to all types of travelers. Undoubtedly, however, it is the number one island for couples in love\. Santorini’s visitors usually choose for their stay the picturesque settlement of Oia. However, the regions of Imerovigli and Fira are incredible as well. 

When visiting Santorini with your partner, don’t forget to swim in the mesmerizing Red beach, White beach, and also in Perissa.

The idyllic Caldera, the mysterious charm of the volcano, and the echo of a lost civilization will leave you in awe. 

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Ithaca – credits: WitR/Shutterstock.com

The island of Ithaca, the island t has gone down in history thanks to its king, the legendary Odysseus, who fought heroically in Troy and endured the long journey of his return. When we hear the word ‘Ithaca,’ the thing that comes to mind is Penelope. As a result, the island symbolizes eternal love. The love that knows no decay endures, waits, and becomes immortal.

Ithaca is a calm and peaceful island, with few beautiful settlements, beaches hidden in caves and coves, and the dreamy waters of the Ionian Sea. This contrast of the deep blue of the sea and the intense green of the rich vegetation, combined with the island’s small size, will make you and your partner feel on top of the world.


Nafplion – credits: Olga Kot Photo/Shutterstock.com

Just an hour and a half from the Greek capital, you will find one of the most popular destinations for mini getaways. Nafplio is often referred to as the most romantic city in Greece.

The vibrancy of Syntagma Square, the romantic walk in Palamidi, and the small, scenic bars and cafes scattered throughout the city compose the perfect setting for a romantic vacation.


Pelion – credits: leontaras /pixabay.com

The striking region of Pelion is an all-time classic winter destination that stands out. Easily accessible by various means and very close to Volos, it is a must choice for couples during all seasons. Especially in winter, it is dressed in snow white. Therefore, it is the ideal canvas for a romantic trip with many picturesque villages to explore.


Kalavryta – credits: Rialion/Pixabay.com

Another popular winter destination, the atmospheric Kalavrita, offers everything one needs for a romantic getaway. Lazy walks on the Cog railway, hiking in the gorge of Vouraikos, and exploring the cave of the lakes will make you fall in love. A place that is serene and picturesque, capable of satisfying every desire.


Arachova – credits: Vagelis Pikoulas/Shutterstock.com

If you want something more cosmopolitan, Arachova is another ideal destination for couples and the right one for you. It is no coincidence that it is known as the ‘Mykonos of wintertime’ after all. Enjoy picturesque walks in the cobblestone alleys. You will come across small markets and traditional shops. You will also find small bars where you and your partner can enjoy your drink. Finally, we suggest a walk to the snowy Parnassos for skiing for the more adventurous.

Greece is more affordable compared to other exotic destinations

Limania Beach, Chania, Crete – credits: Robertek/Shutterstock.com

Finally, it is worth noting that Greece is a reasonably affordable holiday destination. One can find rooms at meager prices, especially if one does market research. In addition, food and entertainment, transportation, and shopping come at a very low cost. Therefore, every traveler in Greece finds a unique opportunity to enjoy their vacation in a magical place without spending a fortune.

Why make an anniversary trip to Greece

couple-in-love-JillWellington -pixabay
Couple in love – credits: JillWellington/Pixabay.com

Nothing says “I appreciate you even after all the time we’ve been together,” like an anniversary trip to exotic Greece. Beautiful destinations in both the mainland and the Greek islands, luxury hotels, and majestic landscapes will give you unforgettable and beautiful moments in the celebration of your anniversary.

The reasons why you should choose Greece for your anniversary trip are plenty. Our country offers itself romantic experiences that stand the test of time. Its magical beaches, the warm hospitality of its locals, the scenic villages, and Greece’s rich history and culture make it the ideal destination.

What’s more, depending on which region of Greece you choose to spend time in, a trip to Greece can be much more affordable compared to other European countries. An anniversary trip to Greece is impossible to go wrong!

Tips for your first vacation as a couple in Greece

  1. Plan your first vacation as a couple according to your strengths. Let the most organized undertake the task of booking everything. The creative one can take care of the holiday album of your first vacation together. They will capture the most beautiful moments from your trip. Or let us do the magic for you: Complete our tailor-made trip planning form and we will create the ideal Greek honeymoon for you!
  2. Choose a destination that works for both. Let’s say you love the sea while your partner is a bit more active and loves hiking in the mountains. In this case, a ten-day vacation on a desert island is probably not the ideal choice. Alternatively, choose a destination that combines mountain and sea and share your holiday activities accordingly.
  3. Do not overdo it with your planning. Being organized is always a good thing, however, don’t forget that you are on vacation! Do not overdo it with the program and enjoy your free time with your other half. Plan what sights you want to see, what activities you want to do, but also leave a few mornings free to be spontaneous! The ideal approach for your first vacation as a couple in Greece is to enjoy it relaxed, effortlessly, and at your own pace. You shouldn’t run to follow a schedule as if you were participating in a group tour. The goal is to create pleasant, shared memories.
  4. Decide on a budget from the start. Money is one of the most awkward topics. It is especially difficult in the early stages of a relationship, and even more so during a couple’s first vacation together. However, there is no reason for shame. Determine your common holiday wallet early and don’t feel bad at all if you need to be the first to mention it.

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Time to book your Greek trip

Choosing Greece for your first vacation as a couple will set off your life as married people in the best possible way. But, as people say, well begun is half done, and this stands true when it comes to the first time you go on a trip with your newfound love. Greece is waiting for you to go and explore it like a pro.

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