Island-Hopping Honeymoon in Greece

Island-Hopping Honeymoon in Greece

Written by: melina on: January 22, 2022

There is no better way to heal from the lockdown than planning a trip to the Greek islands. Known across the world for their exotic charm, the Greek islands have everything you could ask for. As a result, an island-hopping honeymoon in Greece is the best solution to all of your problems. 

Here we will show you how to hop around the Greek islands during your Greece honeymoon cleverly and practically. Beautiful beaches with crystal-clear waters and smooth sandy shores, picturesque streets, and a world of history and culture you won’t be able to get enough of are waiting for you to discover them. 

When should I begin my island-hopping adventure in Greece?

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Since you plan to visit the Greek islands, winter is out of the question. Unfortunately, the Greek islands tend to become deserted during the winter months despite their stunning beauty. Not to mention, the weather gets freezing and windy. 

However, embarking on an island-hopping honeymoon in Greece in the middle of summer may be somewhat of a problem. It could be problematic, especially if you’re not too keen on visiting places flooded by tourist crowds. From the middle of June until the middle of August, you should expect large, excited groups everywhere you go, from the beach to the taverns and everything in between. That is unless you plan on heading to the less-known Greek islands.

The best time to visit Greece on a honeymoon is late spring, early summer, or early autumn. Namely, from the beginning of May until the middle of June and the beginning of September until the middle of October. During that time, you will get to enjoy the glorious Greek summer weather. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about getting in the middle of a wind whirl of over-enthused tourists.

What should I pack?

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When visiting Greece during the summer, you should expect intense heat and dress accordingly. Pack as many bathing suits as you can fit in your suitcase and the lightest clothes you own. Comfortable shoes are vital, as is a light jacket to cover yourself on windy summer nights.

The Greek islands are not as hot as the mainlands of the country during the summer. Especially the Cyclades are famous for their strong winds that may be comforting during the day but can become a nuisance during the night. So, during your Greek island vacations, expect heat but don’t forget to bring something with you to shield yourself from the possibility of a cold night or a ferry journey. 

Where should I go?

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Your island-hopping destination should depend on your budget, the days you have at your disposal, as well as the type of vacations you’re after. Thankfully, the Greek islands don’t lack diversity. Hence, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for if you know where to look. 

Below we present you with the best island-hopping routes we could think of, according to your needs. This way, you’ll have all the information you need to visit the best Greek islands for couples, all in one place.

For the cosmopolitan couple  

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If you want to discover what the hype around the Greek islands is all about, a tour around the Cyclades is what you’re looking for. It is understandable to want to visit the destinations that keep popping up on your Instagram feed. We promise that they won’t disappoint. 


You will discover the Cycladic beauty of Paros through the labyrinthine cobbled alleys, the small clearings with bougainvillea, the traditional elements, the white houses that shine under the sun, and the endless blue all around. If you like partying, you should go directly to Punta Beach on the island’s east side or to the first part of Santa Maria, near Naoussa.

Alternatively, if you are looking for something organized but relatively calm, you should reach the famous Kolimbithres, Ai-Giannis, or Molos, with their golden sand and tamarisk trees. Finally, if you want to swim free from anything that prevents the body from coming into contact with water and the sun, go straight to Laggeri Beach.

The queen of nightlife in Paros is undoubtedly Naoussa, with its traditional architecture and authenticity. Moreover, its small port with the Venetian castle is enchanting. There, you will eat in the best restaurants on the island and drink until morning.


Many misunderstand the cosmopolitanism of Mykonos. However, the island can offer you peace and quiet. However, it can also provide a “wild” nightlife like no other. It is, after all, one of the best islands to party in Greece. Starting from Chora, it impresses and charms its visitor thanks to its beautiful location, buildings, and architecture. All of the above preserve the Cycladic profile and many of its traditional elements in a unique way.

The most famous part of the island in Chora goes by ‘Little Venice’ because it resembles Venice. The houses look like they are on the sea, while in this neighborhood you’ll find some of the most famous shops in the area. In Little Venice, you can admire one of the most beautiful sunsets of the Aegean.


The cosmopolitan Santorini manages to steal the hearts of its visitors with its volcanic landscape and vast wine production. The sunset in Oia attracts hundreds of tourists every summer. The countless eateries, bars, and clubs will cater to all party animals of the world, presenting a diversity everyone will appreciate. From lounge music to intense beats, when visiting Santorini, you will have the opportunity to dance your troubles away.

For the history-loving couple

Rhodes – credits: leoks/



It is no coincidence that history buffs around the world walk on water for the islands of Rhodes and Crete. Rhodes is one of the flagships of Greek tourism. One of the most well-preserved medieval cities – a UNESCO monument. Dozens of impressive beaches, important archeological sites, exciting inland, and, of course, highly developed hotel infrastructure and vibrant life make it an ideal island for getaways of different styles.

The medieval city will monopolize your walks. It is worth spending at least one day in Lindos, with its acropolis and the unique captain’s houses. Rhodes is ideal for those who love car trips and sightseeing. From the Valley with the Butterflies and the Baths of Kallithea to the hill of Filerimos and Ancient Kamiro


On the other hand, Crete has several historic cities, impressive beaches, and a significant gastronomic heritage. It is the 5th largest island in the Mediterranean, and tourists prefer it for its “wild” natural beauty, for the Minoan civilization, its importance for ancient Greek mythology, and the presence of important people of spirit.

For the foodie couple

Naxos – credits: evantravels/


If you’re a couple that loves food, a tour across Naxos, Santorini, and Crete will show you around the impressive Greek cuisine. It will also treat you to the country’s most traditional dishes and products. 


Naxos is the largest and most fertile island of the Cyclades, with an extraordinary landscape and unique local products. It is famous for two products: potato and cheese. So if you are a cheese lover, a visit to Naxos is a must!

Excellent mature cream cheese, delicious arsenic, amazing kefalograviera, and the famous Naxos Greuyer are perfect snacks for the beach. Another unique flavor of the island is the legendary ‘Kitron.’ It is a lemon liqueur produced in Naxos. It has a unique taste you cannot find anywhere else in the world.


Apart from the magnificent view, the world-famous sunset, and the wild beauty it offers, Santorini produces delicious local wines and delicious tomato meatballs.

The most famous wine produced only in this place is Vinsanto. Its unique feature is that while white-skinned grapes are employed to make it, its color turns out to be amber when the fermentations are completed. It is very sweet, and people drink it as an aperitif or dessert wine.

Another tasty choice is the Santorini sausage, which is spicy because of its hot spices. Another traditional product of the island is fava beans, white eggplant, and round zucchini. With eggplant and zucchini, you can make the conventional sponge, the local omelet. Try garlic pasta, fish, or seafood, and try ‘melitini’ from the sweets. It is made with mizithra cheese, eggs, flour, and sugar.


Cretan products and Cretan cuisine have an essential role in international gastronomy. That is due to their recognized high quality and beneficial effects on human health. However, it isn’t easy to get to know the complete list of the flavors of Crete. An unexpected combination of ingredients and techniques passed down through generations make up the puzzle of Cretan cuisine. 

Among Crete’s treasures, the Cretan wine and the local vine varieties put Crete on the world wine map. Additionally,  Cretan olive oil, honey, the famous Cretan cheeses, pomegranate juice, prickly pear jam, locust nuts, smoked ham, apaki, siglino, and local sausages enrich the traditional dishes of the island that will leave you drooling.

The creative Cretan cuisine is based on high-quality local ingredients and simple recipes. These give distinct flavors to the delicacies you will enjoy while on your Greek honeymoon.

For the alternative couple

Amorgos – credits: Kite_rin/


For couples that prefer a more isolated honeymoon, this route will be right up your street. The quaint landscapes and the authentic Greek island vibe will leave you in awe.


Koufonisia consists of the upper -Ano- Koufonisi with its beautiful country, cobbled streets, restaurants with delicious food, and unique bars, and the lower -Kato- Koufonisi with its crystal-clear waters and wild natural beauty. The island has a total of 3,500 beds which are full of tourists every summer.

Please keep in mind that Kato Koufonisi, apart from the tavern, has no other shop for supplies and no electricity. Therefore, if you choose to visit it, you need to be organized and bring all the necessary comforts with you.  


Amorgos is an ideal choice as it combines the traditional element with developed tourism. It is famous for its beautiful beaches, such as Aegiali and Agia Anna. It is also known for the roasted raki that you should try hot or cold! Don’t forget to visit the monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa for its fantastic view and impressive construction; it is built into the rock and will enchant you with its imposing beauty.


Astypalea is an island of the Dodecanese in the shape of a butterfly with crystal clear waters and beautiful sandy beaches. Regardless of its geographic position, it has a solid Cycladic character with cobbled streets in the country and whitewashed houses.

It is an ideal island for relaxation and tranquility with your partner. However, if you want to go out at night, you have options. Don’ forget to try fish cooked in several different ways and visit the Venetian Castle, a trademark of the island. 


Last but not least, Folegandros is an island that if you go there once, you will always return. It is ‘the island of moderation’ and the right place for those looking for a more alternative honeymoon. Regardless, it also gives options for those looking for elegance and luxury

Its main highlights include the country and Karavostasis, the island’s port. In addition, you should walk in the cobbled alleys, climb the rock of Panagia and enjoy the view. If the winds are not too strong, you should also take the boat and go to Katergo, the most famous and impressive beach.

For the budget-friendly couple

Milos-Sarakino-beach- s_kaisu-shutterstock
Sarakiniko beach – credits: s_kaisu/


A Greek island honeymoon doesn’t equal an empty wallet. But, especially if you choose to visit the less-known Greek islands, you’ll find that they can be highly affordable.


Sophisticated and manorial, without having surrendered to mass tourism, Andros is not the typical Cycladic island. That is because its lush landscape strongly contrasts with the rocks of the other islands of the complex.

The endless springs, rivers, and waterfalls that flow all year round give it verdant slopes and cool ravines. On their slopes, the mountains host small villages connected by beautiful paths adorned with ancient stones. The network of trails, which are over twenty, is probably the best way to get to know the island. The island’s beaches are many, with the most beautiful ones in the north.

The architecture of Andros Town harmoniously combines the simple Cycladic style with the Aegean neoclassical and Venetian tower houses. Narrow cobbled alleys lead to the neighborhoods of Chora but also the sea. The port of the island, Gavrio, with its picturesque settlement, has several accommodations. Those looking for a quiet vacation, close to organized beaches, prefer it. Batsi, to the west, is the most prominent tourist resort in Andros. The heart of night entertainment for visitors and locals also beats there.

The beaches throughout the area are excellent for all tastes. Of the numerous villages of the island, some are coastal and some mountainous, some rural, and some tourists.


Famous for the statue of Aphrodite, but also its lacy beaches, with more than 75 beaches with turquoise and crystal clear waters, Milos will win a place in your heart from the first contact, both for the romantic atmosphere it exudes and for the alternation of its landscapes.

Adamas is the island’s port, and most people choose it for their stay, as it contains everything you will need to make your vacation comfortable.

Starting from Adamas, you must take a scenic walk in Plaka, the island’s capital. The trademark island architecture and the beautiful view of the bay of Milos are elements that characterize it.

Also, in Plaka and specifically at the top called Kastro, you will admire the unique view. From here, you can enjoy an unforgettable sunset. The sun dives into the horizon, and the golden-purple colors created in the sky and sea offer unique moments.

Leaving Plaka, it is worth visiting the unique Aegean settlements of Mandrakia and Klima. They are built in small coves and are small fishing ports. Continuing your way, you will reach Pollonia.

It is a picturesque fishing village built around a beautiful creek. The first image you will see is its beach with rich sand and salt. From here, you can take the ferry to the opposite Kimolos for a one-day or two-day excursion.

The list of beaches to visit is endless, the distances are short, so there is time if you are in the mood to swim in several of them. Some are even so close to each other that they are comfortably combined in one day. You will see beautiful, white gold beaches, turquoise waters, and some that resemble a lunar landscape!


Intellectual, sophisticated, with a particular architectural color, Kythira attracts many foreign and Greek permanent visitors, famous and not, who seek an environment of relaxation, carefree summer elegance, contact with nature and history.

They are connected to Athens by air, but the most popular is by ferry from Naples, Laconia. Although small in size, Kythira has a fascinating hinterland: beautiful villages with architecture with strong local color and Venetian features and beautiful routes for endless motorhomes.

The most popular accommodation bases are Chora with the castle, the small holiday settlement Kapsali below, which has the most intense nightlife, the resort of Agia Pelagia in the north, and the villages of the hinterland with the small hostels of agro-tourism profile.


Symi is located 12 miles northwest of Rhodes and, in recent years, has developed into a popular destination. Gialos is the natural port of the island. Around it lies amphitheatrically the colorful city, which looks like a postcard.

Although a small island, it offers the traveler many places that will leave everyone in their way, impressed. Certainly, however, the Holy Monastery of the Archangel Michael of Panormitis, located at the southernmost end of Symi, is its most popular destination. The original church of the Archangel was built around 450 AD. at the site of an ancient temple of Poseidon.

Symi has been declared an entire archaeological site by the Central Archaeological Council thanks to 159 sites and monuments that capture the area’s history, with roots in prehistoric times.

For the time-limited couple

Spetses-Konstantin Sokolov1973-shuttestock
Spetses – credits: Konstantin Sokolov1973/


If your time in Greece is limited, but you’d still like to get a comprehensive Greek island-hopping experience, you can do so by visiting the gorgeous islands that are within a couple of hours from Athens, the Greek capital


One of the most picturesque and atmospheric islands of the Saronic Gulf, ideal for romantic trips, is Hydra island. The architectural shell of the once prosperous and historic naval state of the early 19th century has been preserved intact. Inside it has been set up as a sophisticated tourist resort with beautiful hostels and timeless meeting points.

The high-rise mansions, some of which are visitable, are impressive. The port is the heart of the island and essentially the only settlement. Around it and in the back alleys you will find nice cafes and restaurants as well as arty boutiques.

With Chora as a base, you can take various lovely walks: the two most classic options are either to the Historical Archive and the Port Authority or to Kiafa with the mansions of Koundouriotides, and from there, along the coast, to Spilia, Mylos, and Kamini.

In addition to the mansions and museums, Hydra has a strong artistic movement, and every summer, a series of contemporary art exhibitions take place here. The churches are also interesting: the Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in the port and the temples of Agios Ioannis the Fasting with frescoes of the 18th century and Agios Konstantinos Hydra made of hewn stone.


Spetses is another beloved island of the Saronic Gulf, one of the classic islands of the weekend – and not only. The shopping center and soul of the island is Dapia, the square of the Revolution, where the cannon of the island was located, with the cannons, the neoclassical mansions, and the cobbled streets in intricate designs.

Around the square are, in addition to most shops, the port where dolphins arrive and the most important museums. Apart from the classic walk to the old port with the shipyards, it is worth walking to Kastelli, which resembles a village – although it is only minutes away from the cosmopolitan Dapia. Cars are not allowed on the island, but you can rent a motorbike or bicycle.

You can reach the beaches on the north side, which are the best, by boat or sea taxi from the port or by your own means. Closer to the center is the beach of Agia Marina with the organized beach.

The route to the old port, the center of nightlife with good restaurants and popular bars, is very picturesque with imposing mansions. Near it is the church of Panagia Armata and the Garden of the Canon Station of Mexis Hatzigiannis, which is perfect for a walk. The inner road that starts from Dapia leads to Kastelli, where hiking enthusiasts will walk in the so-called forest of Spetses, enjoying the natural landscape and the view of the Saronic Gulf.

How much does it cost to go island hopping in Greece?

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The cost of your island-hopping honeymoon in Greece depends on the island you choose to visit and the number of days you decide to spend there. If you go for the most cosmopolitan and popular destination, such as Mykonos and Santorini, it may take thousands of euros for a multiple-day stay. If, however, you choose more quiet destinations, such as Koufonisia, you will have the opportunity to save a lot of money on your stay and living costs, and be able to spend just a few hundred euros. 

What is the best way to island-hop in Greece?

Folegandros – credits: Milan Gonda/

As with any trip, planning is critical. Therefore, the best way to island-hop in Greece is through a carefully designed itinerary that will make you save time and effort. With Athens as your starting point, you can follow the ferry routes, which are plenty, and find a way to combine several Greek islands in a single ferry service.

Alternatively, since most big Greek islands have airports, you can choose to by air transport and save yourself traveling time. If your desired destination lacks an airport, you can even combine the ferry and airplane services to get around the Greek islands quickly and efficiently. 

Sailing honeymoon in Greece

Couple sailing – credits: Kuznetcov_Konstantin/

The romance of sailing is unquestionable. There is something special about the salty fresh breeze and the changing images of the island and the orange sunset over the deep blue of the sea that stirs those romantic longings.

A sailing boat is perfect for your honeymoon vacation, anniversary, or romantic getaway with your partner in Greece. You can combine as many islands as you wish while not having to follow the conventional means of transport schedule. Additionally, you will have complete control of where you go and how long you stay in each location.

If you need the locals’ advice, the crew will recommend you the best place to see and swim in. You will have the opportunity to rest on quiet beaches and experience beautiful moments in turquoise waters. You will have all you need and the perfect atmosphere for your love to blossom.

Visiting as many Greek islands as possible should be on the top of everyone’s bucket list. Even better, if you can combine a visit to multiple islands in one go, and especially during the most romantic days of your life!

Now that you have all the information you need to plan your island-hopping honeymoon in Greece. All that’s left to do is say the big “yes”. The reasons why Greece is the best place for your first vacation as a couple are apparent. Enjoy the start of your married life with the striking shades of white and blue as your background; you’ll never look back. 

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